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The Wonder Seeds You Need To Look Into

The Wonder Seeds You Need To Look Into

Grapes have always been a common fruit in most household refrigerators. The little guys are known for coming in bunches, for being easy to snap off and eat at any time, and for being the fruit consumed by Roman nobility while being fanned in their reclining chairs. However, should grapes also be known for their seeds? The microscopic brown specks they originate from might provide much more than their full-fledged counterparts.

Grapeseed extract is, as the name implies, extract from the seeds of grapes. I know, mind-blowing. It is dried, made into powder, and then formed into supplement tablets to unlock the benefits these little seeds have to offer. But you may be asking: what are some of these benefits? 

grapes in hands

Improved Bone and Heart Health

Grapeseed extract is a fantastic source of a plant metabolite known as flavonoids. Flavonoids are known to improve bone formation and the creation of collagen. Paired with a diet rich in calcium, grapeseed extract may improve bone health dramatically. The specific kind of flavonoids found in grapeseed extract, known as flavanols, also promotes good cardiovascular health, making for a great one-two combo in internal well-being. 

Improved Cognitive Health

We are not done yet singing the praises of flavonoids! Along with all the aforementioned benefits, the metabolite also acts as an amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. This is great for the health of your brain, as it avoids inflammation that may damage it or impede its functions. Grapeseed extract may also delay the creep of Alzheimer’s and other similar neurological diseases, as the gallic acid found within is known to inhibit those chemicals that play a part in cognitive degeneration.

Vitamin E

Grapeseed extract is rich in vitamin E. This vitamin is very useful, as it helps with digestion, boosts your immune system, and fights blood clots that may form in your arteries. Vitamin E can also protect your cells! The government recommends seven to fifteen milligrams of vitamin E in your diet every day, and grapeseed extract may be your key to unlocking all the benefits that come with it.

Fantastic Skin

Alongside its supplemental form, grapeseed may also be made into an oil and used for consumption in everyday cooking. This oil is for more than the pan, however; it is great for your skin! Considering the cell-saving power of Vitamin E, combined with the fatty acids brought out by grapeseed oil in particular, it’s no wonder that healthy skin would be a natural product here. It is recommended that you massage a few drops of the oil into your face each night. You may end up seeing improvements!

Decreased Risk of Certain Cancers

What really puts grapeseed extract above and beyond is a recent study that links the supplement to a decreased risk for head and neck cancers. The University of Colorado in Denver found that grapeseed extract kills cancerous cells found with squamous cell carcinoma while leaving the person’s healthy cells unharmed. Rajesh Agarwal, the professor who oversaw the study, noted that it produced a “dramatic effect.” 

The antioxidant properties of grapeseed extract are also helpful in avoiding a wide variety of other cancers. Breast, lung, gastric, liver, and prostate cancer may all be inhibited by the regular consumption of grapeseed extract.  


These are just some of the many benefits that may come with using grapeseed extract or its oil counterpart. Who knew that so many amazing properties may be in your refrigerator right now? Those little specks found in grapes may truly be the wonder seeds you need to look into!