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Sea moss supplements

Why Is Everyone Eating Sea Moss?

A recent health trend has captured our attention: eating sea moss. And while you may be picturing a crisp seaweed square, or some other delectable treat, we can assure you that is not what we’re referring to. Sea moss (a type of red algae) can actually be quite good for you, in moderation. We’ll take you through the ins and outs of this fluffy little algae and how it functions as a natural remedy.

Why Should You Eat Sea Moss?

Sea moss has many health benefits, whether taken in supplement, gel, or raw form. Sea moss is a superfood, which means it has a lot of fiber, and can aid in lowering cholesterol and preventing diabetes as well as heart disease. Additionally, because fiber is filling, sea moss has the potential to curb weight gain by preventing overeating.

Sea moss also contains iodine, which the human  body does not make naturally. While you have to be wary about consuming too much iodine, as it could have a negative effect on your thyroid, the proper amount can actually benefit the thyroid.

Because sea moss contains live bacteria as an algae, it can also help balance your digestive system. Additionally, sea moss is proven to help with immunity, as well as recovering from athletic activities. With such a range of benefits, why not start supplementing with sea moss?

Why Shouldn’t You Eat Sea Moss?

The effectiveness of sea moss really depends on where it grows. Its location can change its mineral content, which can become unsafe for consumers. Sea moss can contain heavy metals, which are toxic in large quantities. As stated before, sea moss can also put too much iodine in your system. Lastly, the algae does not taste very good outside of supplement form, and may be uncomfortable to consume. Eating sea moss, just like anything else, should be done in moderation to obtain maximum benefits.

Is Sea Moss Right For You?

Sea moss could be a game-changing supplement for you. However, that doesn’t mean it is a cure-all for an unhealthy lifestyle. Its supplements are also not FDA approved, which means you should consult your health practitioner or doctor before consuming them. Eat your algae safely and with your unique medical history and health concerns in mind.