Alternative Treatment for Erectile Function

Erectile function is controlled by the nervous system’s effects on the vascular system in the penis. As we age the changes in the vascular system can cause ED. However, the whole process depends on a functioning autonomic system. The autonomic system is controlled by various ganglia.

The Frankenhauser ganglia controls the pelvic organs including erectile function. These ganglia can get stuck similar the way a computer hangs. The solution for both situations is to reset the computer. In computers, we do this by hitting the reset button. In men, we can use a procedure call mesotherapy. A series of tiny injections on the lower back and around the base of the penis is used to reset the Frankenhauser ganglia. These tiny injections are done with 1/8 inch 32 gauge. These procaine or homeopathic injections can be painful for a few seconds due to the energy released by the treatment. The results are usually seen within a few hours and can last for months.

This procedure doesn’t work for everyone, but in those with the condition, the results are quick and long-lasting. If ED returns a subsequent treatment quickly restores function again. Repeated treatments tend to work longer.