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Tutorials & Videos by Stephen Smith, M.D.

Videos & Tutorials by Stephen Smith, M.D. is a free series of videos & tutorials to help you understand how to heal from illnesses. He will educate you on the specifics and indicate what you can do to heal from it. View his latest videos & subscribe on our YouTube Channel!

Probiotics To Lose Weight


GI Guard Protocols for Heart Burn and GERD


How to Treat a Leaky Gut and Bacterial Over Growths (SIBO)


SIBO What is It: Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth


SIBO Treatment: Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth Treatment


Lyme Disease


SIBO: Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth


Restoring the Gut


Maintaining the Gut


Solving Urinary Tract Infections without antibiotics by Dr. Stephen Smith: D-Mannose


Ortho Molecular Cerenity: Improve Your Brain


Candicid Forte


Metabolic Synergy: Multivitamin Designs for Health


Joint Pain. How would you like help? Setup an Appointment Today!


Autoimmune Disease- Get Help Today


Trace Minerals and Why You Need Them


Shocking Autism Research Studies. Proof On What Works


Bergamot vs. Statins: Related to Heart Attacks: Research Blood Pressure, HDL, LDL, TRI Results


Common Problems Related to MTHFR


High B12 and Folate


How to Look Younger and Live Longer by Solving Cellular Aging


Do you have trouble staying asleep or going to sleep? Finally Sleep Now!


Dental Sedation with Nitrous Oxide and MTHFR


Medical Treatment of Autism Myth or Reality


Lymphedema Treatment


Lymphedema Treatment


Natural Treatment to Autism: Get Answers Others Won't Tell You


Lymphedema Treatment By Dr. Stephen Smith


Supplements to help you Sleep by Dr. Stephen Smith


How Not to Get the Holiday Blahs By Dr. Stephen Smith


Detoxification Difficulties Due to Lymphatic Congestion


What Labs to Run if you have a Methylation Problem


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Why You have it and How you can Fix!


Adrenal Fatigue: Are you Stressed? Learn how to tell if you have Adrenal Fatigue


Methyl Matrix: Get Your Methylation Cycle Right!


Lymphedema What to Do?


Brain Fog Cure: Get the Answers Today!


Precision Medicine: Medicine Based of Your Genetics


Methylation Antioxidants: Methyl Matrix


What's wrong with Lab Testing for B12


Why you need Active B12?


How to Detox Correctly and Incorrectly. Learn the Right Way!


Quickly and Naturally Cure Lymphedema


Adrenal Fatigue Cure: Improve your Energy, Mood, and Sex Drive


Methylation : MTHFR, Heterozygous, Homozygous. Pathway


Methylation: MTHFR Simplified: MTHFR 677 heterozygous SNP


Autism Truth, Lies, and Possible Cures. Get the Answers


The Cures To Autism Naturally & Medical Treatment of Autism Myth or Reality


Herbs and Botanicals shown to have mood modulating and cognition enhancing effects


Biofilm & SIBO Kit


BetaTCP Gas & Bloating


Myaminoplex | Amino Acid Powder


Grape Seed Extract 100


MCS2 Detoxification Support


Biotics ADP Yeast Control


Grape Seed-100


Lymphedema and Mercury


Quickly Understand How Your Hormones Work: Cortisol, Thyroid, Testosterone, Estrogen, DHEA, etc


Methylation Issues


Candisol the Gentle Yeast Killer: Instantly Cure Candida


New Hepatitis Treatment is Reversing Liver Damage


LDA Instruction


MTHFR Heterozygous versus Homozygous