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Best Supplements for Dementia

Best Supplements for Dementia

Dementia, and its subsequent memory loss, can be frightening. Treatment and even prevention can leave you and your loved one at a loss. However, Agape Nutrition is here to help.

While there are many common supplements that are helpful to curb/prevent symptoms of dementia (Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, etc.), we here at Agape Nutrition love to shake things up a bit every now and again. So whether you or your loved one have tried these more common supplements for dementia and felt unsatisfied, or are looking for a change, we’ve got you covered. Agape Nutrition presents less common supplements for dementia!

Note: Before you or your loved one begin taking any new supplements, consult with your primary care provider. This is especially important if you are currently taking medication, as some supplements can react poorly with prescription medicines. Speaking with a professional who knows your medical history and current medications is essential to receiving personalized care. 


According to The Alzheimer’s Organization, “Salvia Officinalis functions in a similar way as some prescription medicines used to treat Alzheimer's”, which is a particular form of dementia. Sage or Salvia Officinalis is linked to “improved memory and better cognitive ability”. 

As an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance, sage aids with reducing the brain damage linked to Alzheimer’s/dementia. For more information on how sage can aid in abating dementia symptoms, click here

Sage can be found in your local grocery store in herb form or online in supplement form, making it relatively accessible and easy to acquire!


We here at Agape Nutrition have been lauding curcumin, more commonly known as turmeric, for some time now! You can read all about the supplement here.

Similarly to sage, curcumin helps with inflammation in the brain and, therefore, can be useful for those with neurocognitive issues like dementia. Combating inflammation in the brain means helping to curb memory loss. 

Curcumin can be consumed in both supplement and spice form. The spice can be easily found at your local grocery store, which aids in the accessibility aspect of this supplement. You can also find it online at our Agape Nutrition shop!


According to American Senior Communities, “Many older adults tend to not have high enough levels of zinc in their bodies, and it is especially low in those with Alzheimer’s”. Taking zinc can aid in improving cognitive function and memory retention. Zinc can be found in supplement form in our shop online here!

We hope these supplements can give you and your loved ones hope for treating something as difficult as dementia.