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Cold Weather Skin Care

Cold Weather Skin Care

Summer months are behind us and cooler weather is moving in quickly, so it’s time to discuss cold weather skin care. 

It’s easy to think that since we aren’t spending long days at the beach that we no longer need to think too much about our skin. However, skincare is just as important in fall and winter, because your skin develops new needs as the temperature drops. Before you know it, you could go  from pink, blistered summer skin, to dry, cracked, and itchy winter skin. Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to help your skin adapt to the change and stay healthy all winter long.


Many concentrate on their water intake in summer, but you can get dehydrated at any time of year. Depending on where you live, the winter air may also be particularly dry, which creates the perfect environment for irritated skin. Not drinking enough water could cause headaches, irritability, and a myriad of other problems aside from those associated with the skin. Do your body a favor and keep drinking plenty of water this fall and winter. 


Just like in the summer, moisturizing is key to keeping your skin soft and healthy when things start to cool down. Dry air, harsh wind, and brutal temperatures can lead to brittle, cracked skin. You can adjust your skincare routine for the new season by opting for a more oil-heavy moisturizer to help your skin retain its moisture.  Don’t forget about chapstick because your lips are skin too! Remember to apply Chapstick before spending time in chilly or windy environments.

Keep Wearing Sunscreen

You may not be laying in the sun, working on your tan, but that doesn’t mean you’re immune to damage from the sun in the cooler months. Wearing sunscreen year-round, at least on your face, is incredibly important, especially if you’re around snow or bodies of water, which reflect light and increase the risk of a sunburn. Foliage is lacking in the winter, so even spots that are shady all summer spots may require you to wear skin protection after mid-autumn. 

Cover Up

Bundling up for every trip outside can seem like a hassle, but gloves and scarves go a long way in protecting your hands, neck, and face from harsh winds. You’ll be grateful you took the extra moment to dress for the weather when you avoid chapped, dry skin that stings and itches. 

Take Vitamins

Support your skin in these trying times with all-natural supplements. DaVinci Labs Biotin and Aidan Products IVC-Max are both specially formulated to keep your skin smooth and healthy by aiding in cell growth.


Don’t wait until winter sets in to consider adjusting your skincare routine. By taking actions now, you can ensure your skin looks and feels its best all year round. Check out the Agape Nutrition store for a variety of other helpful products and insight.

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