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COVID-19 ARDS Treatment Protocol

COVID-19 ARDS Treatment Protocol

Covid-19 ARDS Protocol

I have 20 plus experience in the use of high dose IV vitamin C. I have read the protocols used in the various trials, some of which were successful, but I think the protocol could be improved with much better results. The recent VITAMINS trial was an example of a study designed to fail, which it did. They used a pathetic dose of 1.5 gms over 6 hours. A more appropriate dose would have been 400mg/kg given over 90 minutes. That is 17.5 times the dose used in the VITAMINS trial. The vitamin C has been safely dosed at up to 400mg/kg. The doses used in the various successful trials was much lower than that dose. Also, the time required to reach therapeutic levels can be shortened dramatically giving the initial dose over 2 hours rather than 24 hours. The goal of the treatment is to clear DNA nets from the alveolus and restore the alveolar pump to clear fluids from the alveolar space.

My suggestions address several parts of the protocols used in several trials that I feel could be improved. 

  1. No loading dose is given as a result there is a delay in achieving the ultimate treatment serum level.
  2. Doses used were far below those routinely used by functional medicine physicians.
  3. The protocol stopped after only 96 hours. The initial results show a reduction of symptoms and severity of ARDS, but once the vitamin C was stopped the slope of the treated patient curve changes quickly to parallel the curve of the death rate in the placebo group. If the therapy had been continued I believe the results would have been significantly better.

Initial Dose:

To given as soon as the patient develops any respiratory changes.

  1. Vitamin C 28 grams, B complex 1cc, and Thiamine 200 mg in 500cc of D5W or Sterile water to be given over the course of 60 to 90 minutes.
  2. Hydrocortisone 50 mg
  3. Thiamine 200 mg

 Maintenance Dose:

  1. Vitamin C 7 grams with thiamine 50 mg in 500cc of D5W given by IV drip Q6 hours, hydrocortisone 50mg and continued for 7 days or until the patient is asymptomatic.
  2. If there is oral access the proteolytic enzymes 2 capsules give 3 times a day on an empty stomach. This will help breakdown protein complexes in the lung and elsewhere in the body.

Duration of Treatment:

  1. The treatment should be continued for 7 days or 2 days after ventilator support is discontinued.
  2. Once the patient has recovered sufficiently to breathe on their own and have stable vitals, the dosage can be reduced to 4 grams every 6 hours.

Follow-up Therapy

  1. Highly absorbable form of curcumin 3 gms day in divided doses.
  2. Oral buffered vitamin C up to 10 grams or to bowel tolerance.
  3. Continue proteolytic enzyme 2 capsules QID on an empty stomach until the patient is fully recovered.

Material Sources:

McGuff Pharmaceuticals

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If you have questions, suggestions, or comments send them to Ssmith@nwimed.com