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Ten Fascinating Mental Health Facts

Ten Fascinating Mental Health Facts

Mental health is a topic that’s only surged in importance in the last few decades. The mind-body connection is more important than ever with even conventional medicine taking a holistic health approach to overall health.

Today, we’re going to talk about ten fascinating mental health facts that eastern and western medicine have discovered. From the obscure to the well known, these facts help to bring awareness to mind and your optimal health.

Schizophrenia and Your Mouth Are Related!

Though most doctors tend to put a wall between mental health and physical health, it is decaying with each passing year. Holistic doctors have recently noted that deformities in the roof of the mouth can be linked to a specific set of symptoms, most know as Schizophrenia.

Stress Shrinks the Brain

Chronic stress is a public health emergency at present. More men, women, and children are reporting stress on a regular basis than ever before. When stressed, the body produces chemicals that are harmful to the brain. Over long periods of time, they can kill brain cells directly.

Sleep Cleans the Brain

On the opposite side of the coin, sleep can help your brain grow and stay “clean.” When you sleep, more cerebrospinal fluid flushes through the brain than normal. This increase is thought to wash away harmful proteins and toxins.

Horror Movies Change Your Blood

Many people love the scare that comes with watching a scary movie. What most don’t know is that the act of watching the movie actually changes their body. When you watch a scary movie, your body actually increases the clotting enzymes in your blood.

The Truman Show Delusion

If you have this mental health condition, you firmly believe that you are the stay of an imaginary reality show. You may think that your life has been staged or that you’re being watched by people all over on hidden cameras.

Videogames are Good

If you play video games, then there’s a high chance that you are improving your cognitive abilities. While we don’t know the relation between types of video games, we know that overall they are a good thing for the brain.

Your Brain is “Fat”

All human brains average 60% fat by composition. This makes them the “fattest” organ in your body. The rest of that three-pound mass (bonus fact!)? Nerve fibers, arteries, and arterioles. Extra bonus - 85% of the brain is the cerebellum.

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