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How to Take Supplements Effectively

How to Take Supplements Effectively

So, you've talked to a doctor, been to the pharmacy, and now you're home with your new supplements. Before you can start healing your body or boosting your immune system, you'll need to take those supplements. 

However, that's not as simple as it sounds. Much like other types of medicine, you'll have to stick to a schedule, keep in mind what you eat, and avoid mixing certain things. To simplify this process, we're here with a quick guide.

Take As Directed 

As the most important step in any medication routine, doing what a medical professional has told you to do will be vital in the success of your health program. Follow any directions that were made verbally or written on the bottle. 

For example, if the doctor tells you to take it in the morning and not to have citrus, make sure those directions are followed every morning so that you'll have the best results. Some may be needed only on an empty stomach, while others have to be taken with food. Failing to follow these directions could actually result in stomach pain or sickness.

Watch Your Dosage

It's important to remember that there is no benefit to getting more vitamins or minerals than you need. In fact, taking a higher dosage than you need could actually result in health problems over health benefits. Take pills exactly as your doctor will ensure that your health stays great and improves further.

Read the Labels

Always do research when you're starting to take a supplement. When a doctor tells you to take a supplement, ask them if they have a recommendation for a brand or somewhere where you can buy it.

If they don't know, you should make sure you find something that doesn't claim to treat or cure any disease. This should be the first warning of snake oil versus a supplement. In addition, make sure you use a supplement that has a clear and easy to read ingredient label as well as testing from a third-party tester.

Finally, don't fall for a natural or organic trap. While these things can be good - natural and organic aren't fix-all words. Take a look at the side effects to make sure you're not signing up for more potential harm than it's worth.

Keep Eating Good Food

No matter what supplement you take, food should always come first. Supplements are never substituted for your food. Over the counter vitamins and minerals are great if you have a deficiency; however, they should be taken with fruits, vegetables, protein, and carbs.

Check Medicines

Some types of supplements will not be compatible with certain medications. As we've already said, talking to a doctor will be vital in making sure that you stay healthy while trying to make positive changes in your life.

That said, always check the label to ensure that you haven't missed an important piece of information. Read all the instructions no matter how small they may seem to be sure you understand what you're taking and how to take it safely.

Store Your Supplements

In order to keep accidental ingestion from taking place with anyone in the family, make sure you store your supplements appropriately. Always keep the out of reach and sight of children. In addition, make sure that you put them back in the same place each time you use them to ensure you don't accidentally take the wrong thing at the wrong time.

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