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COVID-19 Deaths Largely Preventable

COVID-19 Deaths Largely Preventable

The thousands of deaths caused by Covid-19 may be largely preventable

Covid-19 causes either mild symptoms of cough and body ache etc. in about 81% of those infected. However, in about 4% of cases, patients develop severe acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).  ARDS kills an average of 9000 patients a year in the United States alone due to sepsis and has a mortality rate of up to 50%. However, new research has found a treatment that is very successful in resolving ARDS and reducing the death rate.

This therapy is high dose vitamin C in combination with thiamine and hydrocortisone. There have been several studies using various forms of this treatment. Some of these studies have shown that the death rate can be reduced substantially. Some of the studies have been ignored because the SOFA score, which is a marker for sequential organ failure used in evaluating critically ill patients, did not change substantially. However, the death rate did and more importantly, the number of days in the ICU decreased substantially!

If the treatment protocol had been more aggressive and continued for a longer period of time. I think the results would have been much better. Dr. Marik's trial showed that ARDS can be quickly controlled with a combination of thiamine, a 4.5 gm dose of vitamin C, and hydrocortisone.  So let’s hear from the nurses involved in the trial.

These patients are recovering overnight. As a functional medicine doctor with over 25 years of experience with vitamin C, I can tell you that the doses used in the Marik study are well below what we use in the office every day on patients. There was another trial showing a drop in death rate but not the SOFA score. Still, they did not load the patients with enough vitamin C, and their dose of vitamin C was very low. Further, they discontinued the vitamin C after only 96 hours. This resulted in the patient's symptoms getting worse after vitamin C was stopped. Let's hear from Dr. Paul Marik:

This diagram from the trial shows the mortality rate increased sharply after the vitamin C infusion was stopped. See figure 5. The Kaplan-Meier mortality curves


So what is this data tell us?

It tells us that ARDS caused by the coronavirus can be treated effectively and quickly with nutritional medicine techniques. Rather than mass-producing respirators, we need to improve and duplicate this treatment throughout the United States.