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Mercury in Fish

Mercury in Fish

Mercury in Fish

If you eat fish regularly, then you should know the levels of mercury in fish. Tuna fish is a major source of mercury toxicity, even though it isn’t in the highest mercury concentration category. Why? Because you can buy it in cans. It’s convenient and easy to use. Tuna may not be a problem if your detoxification system works very well, but at least one-third of the population are slow detoxifiers.

If you’re a slow detoxifier, then eating tuna fish even two or three times a week can result in mercury accumulation. One of the more severe symptoms we see with mercury accumulation is severe leg edema.

Mercury seems to be linked with lymphadenopathy in the legs.
Fortunately, you can do something about it. There are three steps to getting Mercury in Fish out of your system:

  1. Improve your methylation pathways, which require genetic testing to determine your problem areas.
  2. Use some type of chelating agents, such as ACZ or PCA, which are easy-to-use sprays that bind heavy metals. Just four to six sprays a night will help drop heavy metals levels slowly and safely.
  3. Quit putting it in your mouth. Use safer fish such as salmon, herring, or sardines that have far lower levels of Mercury in Fish.

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