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The Difference between Natural and Pharmaceutical Drugs

The Difference between Natural and Pharmaceutical Drugs

What is the Difference Between Natural and Pharmaceutical Drugs?

Natural drugs have a much longer history than the pharmaceutical industry. For millennia, remedies based on elements found in nature have been used on maladies all over the world. Results have been observed and refined until treatments become reliable and effective. Eventually, these solutions were distilled by apothecary specialists to produce modern supplements, vitamins, ointments and salves, based on ingredients found in nature.

The pharmaceutical industry develops medicines according to stringent standards controlled by government entities. Often, Big Pharma operates under mandates created by lawmakers. Pharmaceutical drugs are generally manufactured from chemical compounds that replicate the effects found in natural compounds, but have consistent efficacy based on rigid formulas. Often, these formulas are patented, monetized, and widely marketed.

Natural drugs and supplements are also regulated for quality and efficacy. Most naturopathic practitioners agree that the natural supplements are better for the human body because they are not combined with chemicals that are added for various reasons during the manufacturing process.

Patients generally do not need a prescription from a doctor to take natural drugs, although doctors can certainly recommend natural drugs in place of pharmaceuticals.

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