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Chronic Covid-19 Recovery Tips

Chronic Covid-19 Recovery Tips

Chronic Covid is common condition. Dr. Smith looks at some of the nutritional aspects of chronic Covid-19. There is also an autoimmune response, which is not covered in this video. There is an error in the video at 03:09 I said capillaries, I meant to say macrophages. This video covers common nutritional deficits caused by a coronavirus infection and discusses strategies to correct them.


00:00 Start

00:50 SOD

01:00 Zinc Tally Test

01:40 Glutathione depletion

02:30 Stroke Symptoms

03:09 Capillary mistake should be macrophages

03:37 Proteolytic Enzyme Treatment

04:10 Genetic SNPs causing problems with glutathione

0$:38 Lipoic Acid.


The coronavirus depletes our bodies of glutathione, lipoic acid, zinc and other minerals. The coronavirus is also known to clog our capillaries with cell debris and proteins that can be difficult for bodies to remove without help.

Supplying proteolytic enzymes in high doses along with replacing key nutrients are important steps to recovery from chronic Covid-19.

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