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The Science Behind Curing COVID-19 | Simple Treatment of Coronavirus

The Science Behind Curing COVID-19 | Simple Treatment of Coronavirus

Dr. Stephen Smith talks about the biological facts behind recovering from COVID-19. In this video, Dr. Smith has demonstrated a simple way to treat Coronavirus using Glutathione. Learn why elderly people tend to be more prone to Coronavirus infection in comparison to the younger generation.

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) like superoxide. These ROS compounds cause a cytokine storm which causes all the inflammation behind all the pathology in Covid-19. If a person has sufficient glutathione, superoxide will be converted to water rendering the coronavirus harmless. What determines the outcome is the ratio of ROS to glutathione. If the ratio is high the patient will quite ill or even die. If the ratio is low the person will have mild symptoms or be asymptomatic. Fortunately, this ratio can be lowered quickly by giving glutathione either by mouth or IV resulting in a rapid reduction in symptoms and inflammation.

Dr. Smith is an integrative physician who specializes in getting to the root cause of disease. He maintains an integrative medical practice focusing on allergy, autoimmunity, digestive complaints, and joint pain. He is the owner of Agapé Nutrition an online nutritional supplement store.

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