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Trump vs Lincoln – Two Wars

Trump vs Lincoln – Two Wars

Presidents Trump and Lincoln were both wartime presidents. President Lincoln vs General Lee and the Confederacy and President Trump vs the coronavirus. Both presidents had generals that were not up to the job. Will Trump follow Lincoln’s example and change generals. His presidency is at risk. A recent prediction by Allan Lichtman, who has successfully called the last 9 presidential elections says President Trump’s handling of the pandemic will cost him the presidency based on his 13 question system. Trump still has time to change generals, will he? Graphics by Designed by gstudioimagen / Freepik

Dr. Smith is an integrative physician who specializes in getting to the root cause of disease. He maintains an integrative medical practice focusing on allergy, autoimmunity, digestive complaints, and joint pain. He is the owner of Agapé Nutrition an online nutritional supplement store.

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