Why COVID-19 Death Rate in USA is Higher Than Rest of the World?

In this video, we compare how the US is doing compared to other countries in handling the coronavirus using the death rate per million as a way of rating how well we are doing as a country.

The more advanced countries seem to be doing a poor job compared to many countries with fewer resources.

USA 523/M Canada 239/M UK 609/M Taiwan 0.3/M Mexico 440/M Germany 111/M Japan 9/M Indonesia 23/M Russia 109/M Cuba 8/M France 466/M World 99/M

  • Grades
  • USA F
  • Canada C+
  • UK F
  • Taiwan A+
  • Mexico D
  • Germany B
  • Japan A
  • Indonesia A+
  • Russia B
  • Cuba A
  • France D
  • World B

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