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  • Easily and naturally breaks down biofilm.
  • Kill and get rid of SIBO for good.
  • Includes a break down agent: Biocidin breaks down biofilm matrix.
  • Includes a killing agent: Sibo-Ease kills SIBO bacteria, once the protective biofilm layer is down.
  • Includes a binding agent: Pectasol-C binds to the dead bacteria and other debris, in order to assist in flushing it out of the body.



What is SIBO?

SIBO is a bacterial overgrowth of the small bowel defined as 100,000 bacteria/cm or about 10 times the normal concentration of bacteria in the small bowel. These bacteria are not just floating around they live in a structure called a biofilm. The biofilm is made up of mucous, fibrin, and is reinforced by minerals making a fairly stable matrix. This matrix is tough and hard to break through in order to kill the bacteria within. 


Bundle Contents: 

We offer several biofilm bundles. The difference between the bundles is the agents used for a particular task. All the bundles will contain an enzyme to break down the mucous protecting the bacteria. The primary difference is in the killing agent used. Our biofilm protocols have three parts:

  1. SIBO-Ease: A proteolytic enzyme designed to break up the enzyme
  2. Biocidin: A killing agent to kill the exposed bacteria
  3. Pectasol-C: A cleanup agent to remove the debris and reduce side effects caused by the die-off of bacteria.

How to do the SIBO protocol

The procedure is to first break down the mucus protecting the bacteria with an enzyme. The enzyme has to be taken on an empty stomach to be effective. Then the enzyme needs some time to pass through the stomach and work on the biofilm.  After the biofilm is partially dissolved and the bacteria are exposed, then the antimicrobials are added.  Food can be eaten after this step.  Later a clean-up agent is given to bind up any toxins released.


The goal of the technique is to gradually increase the dose of the enzymes and the killing agent to remove the biofilm in layers rather than all at once. This is necessary to reduce the occurrence of Herzheimer reactions (flu-like symptoms caused by killing too many bacteria at once). At some point in the protocol, you may feel a little ill. This occurs if you are killing too many bacteria too quickly. If this occurs go back to the previous dose that did not cause side effects and stay at that dose for a few days before trying to advance the dose again.

View details and instructions on how to use: Click Here