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CRPS 1 Kit

CRPS 1 Kit

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CRPS 1 Kit is a starter bundle with detoxification and glutathione

This kit has all the products needed to start Dr. Smith's CRPS protocol. The main difference between the CRPS 1 Starter Kit is the homeopathic cleans all the main organs and the CRPS 2 Maintenance Kit only contains the lymph homeopathic. Start with CRPS 1 Kit and then switch to the CRPS 2 Kit for maintenance, once significant progress has been made.



CRPS patients have many common findings. This bundle is designed to address most of them, but not issues with scars, which has to be treated with injections or other therapies.

Common Finding in CRPS:

  1. Lymphedema
  2. Low Glutathione
  3. High inflammatory cytokines
  4. (some but not all) reactive scars.
  5. Low lipoic acid.


I found by addressing these common problems found in CRPS patients, most patients can get fairly rapid pain relief. It should be obvious but this protocol will not offset the deleterious effects of a poor diet. One of the first steps you need to do is clean up your diet. Eliminating inflammatory foods such as grains and lectins and eliminating trans fats. The autoimmune paleo diet is a good choice. We have a new app that will help with recipes and shopping lists. Most vegetable oils are trans fat and inflammatory. Olive Oil, and avocado oil are examples of good fats. Most people also have inflammatory fats in their system and may need to add omega-3 fatty acids found in quality fish oils (not in Big Box Stores).

Lymphedema is a common finding in all CRPS patients I have treated. Lymphedema is nothing more than congestion of the lymph around the affected limb. This lymph is low in glutathione and susceptible to toxins and inflammatory cytokines, which in turn causes the pain. Drain the swamp, increase glutathione levels, and reduce inflammatory cytokines and you can see a remarkably quick resolution of pain.

Reducing lymphedema (see lymphedema protocol): The Detox kit has two other bottles start them slowly 1 drop at a time after reaching 10 drops of the Lymph. These will help detox the kidneys, intestines, and liver.

Once lymphedema is being treated we can start raising glutathione. Glutathione is the body's primary antioxidant and detoxifier. It should be raised slowly to prevent too many toxins being released at one time, which would result in a cytokine flare and more pain. If this happens is no big deal just stop the glutathione and start more slowly. In the office, we do this with glutathione IVs at the start of the protocol and we often see pain relief within hours of treatment.  

Glutathione levels can be measured with the test from European laboratories. Glutathione does not absorb well orally, so we have to use special forms or glutathione precursors. You may see other forms of glutathione generally we have found most of these do not work. The form of glutathione we use has been clinically tested and shown to raise GSH blood levels.

View details and instructions on how to use: Click Here