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Professional Supplements & Nutritional Products Since 1998
  • Relieves occasional gas, bloating, and cramping*
  • Supports natural detoxification*
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Relief for upset stomachs and indigestion*
  • Contains millions of pores per gram for capturing unwanted gas and toxins*


Feel refreshed and reset with activated coconut charcoal powder.

Sustainably sourced activated coconut charcoal powder naturally traps gas and toxins, taking them out of the body.* With added ginger extract and alpha-galactosidase, Purify Activated Charcoal Plus is uniquely crafted to eliminate digestive discomfort and promote effective cleansing.* Comfortably remove the bad stuff, so you can rediscover how good you feel!

The Science

How does coconut charcoal cleanse the system?

Like a million little grabbers flowing through your gut, activated coconut charcoal is able to take and trap unwanted gas and toxins and then naturally flush them from your system. 

With millions of pores per gram, activated charcoal is able to adsorb a huge amount of gas and toxins to its surface. It’s this adsorption that gives the charcoal its cleansing power. Adsorption is slightly different than absorption as it affixes captured materials to the outside rather than interior, safely carrying them out of the body.

How is activated coconut charcoal made better?

Activated coconut charcoal isn’t just any charcoal, it’s made through a special process to give it its cleansing powers. When coconut shells are burned at 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit with steam in the absence of oxygen, millions of tiny pores per gram are created. After this, it goes through further processing to remove impurities and produce finer grains that are ideal for detoxification.

What makes Purify Activated Charcoal Plus better?

Not only does Purify Activated Charcoal Plus have coconut charcoal for cleansing and detoxification, but it also includes ginger extract and the enzyme alpha-galactosidase.* Ginger helps make cleansing as gentle as possible, while alpha-galactosidase reduces gas in the intestines, supercharging coconut charcoal’s ability to fight occasional bloating.*

Suggested Use:

Take 1 capsule 2 times a day between meals with a glass of water. WARNING: Activated charcoal should be taken 1 hour before or after any medication. This product is not intended as a treatment for accidental poisoning.

Consult with a physician prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications or have a medical condition.