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  • Homeopathic lymphedema treatment in capsule form that is easy to digest
  • Enzyme-Based and Homeopathic treatment for lymphedema symptoms
  • Reduce lymphatic swelling and electrical charges that inhibit lymphatic flow
  • Enzymes help to reduce lymphatic swelling
  • Relieve the symptoms and causes of lymphedema congestion
  • Can be taken more regularly than traditional medicines
  • Recommended dose: one to two capsules, three times a day




The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in keeping levels of body fluid balanced and helps to combat infections. It works as a biological net: blood plasma passes through the lymph nodes that filter out infections. Bacteria and viruses trapped in the lymph nodes attract white blood cells, which act to control the infection before the plasma is circulated back into the bloodstream. Lymphedema occurs when the lining of the lymph nodes becomes too thick and impedes the flow of healthy plasma back into the body. Lymphedema Complete has been designed to break down particles that have become trapped in the lymph nodes and ensure optimum flow.

Lymphedema can present as a range of symptoms including inhibited movement, continual skin infections, and the development of wart-like growths on the epidermis. Lymphedema Complete contains proteolytic enzymes, which aid in the breaking down of trapped proteins and particles. It also contains homeopathic lymph compounds to prevent clumping in the nodes. A small number of patients have reported a Jarisch Herxheimer reaction, which appears as temporary flu-like symptoms as the body detoxifies.


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