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AquaDOT - For Water / Liquids.

The aquaDOT is is versatile and multifunctional. Use it on your drinking water and liquids products to enhance their quality. Place a DOT on the bottom of your water bottle to change its energy.

Usean aquaDOT for:

  • All liquids
  • Filters
  • Water bottles
  • Water dispensers

Vital Energy for life in the wireless world:

For Water / Liquid Products.

Use an aquaDOT - attuned to the vibration of living water - to restore the natural vitality of water and other liquids. Water is essential to all life on our planet. 70% of an adult body is water and the quality of water we drink can heal or harm us. Your well-being depends greatly on adequate cellular hydration.

Water is very impressionable (it is a liquid crystal with a pliable lattice matrix) and the water supplied to us today is just as exposed and sensitive to the vibration effects of electromagnetic radiation as we are; it can become "imprinted" with distorted frequencies from technology.

Removing the physical toxins from water (so-called 'purifying' it) is not enough. The aquaDOT is designed to refresh the natural energetic structure of water, removing imprinting from EMF and other sources. This gives your body the best chance to renew itself on a cellular level.

Water and other liquids require only 90 seconds adjusting with the aquaDOT's harmonizing effect. Longer exposure can give a marked improvement in taste too.

How to use aquaDOT:

The obvious places to use aquaDOTS are on the containers of your everyday source of drinking water - water filter, dispenser, bottle or cup. Then think of all the ways you use water, or liquid products that have high water content - and add an aquaDOT. You could stick one on a coaster so you can harmonize many containers. Try an aquaDOT on your favorite wine. If you enjoy cut flowers, place an aquaDOT on the vase to retune the water and enjoy the flowers for longer.