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Greatest Energy Field - Radius of up to 300 feet r(90 meters).

Beautiful energy for any house or work space.

This stunning glass pyramid, modeled on the precise dimensions of the Great Pyramid is both beautiful & transformative. A Phi-programmed spaceDOT crafted into the heart of the pyramid powers its ability to re-energize your home or work spaces. The dimensions of the pyramid and the Seed of Life geometries engraved on the base create a powerful resonant field to transform geopathic, architectural, historical and emotional environmental imbalances up to a radius of 300 feet (90 meters). Base is 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

As well as an object of beauty, it has all the functionality of the spaceDOT and will grace any room while harmonizing the spatial energy around it. It has an effective working radius of approximately ninety metres. Geopathic, architectural, historical and emotional factors all have a significant influence on the energetic quality of our built environment - and therefore on us. The spaceDOT is designed to retune energetic disturbances, creating positive vital energy. Feel the flow of high vibration energy all day every day.

The angular glass faces of the Pyramid, together with its spaceDOT and the Seed of Life design engraved on the base provide spectacularly beautiful reflected and refracted light effects in both daylight and with artificial lighting (particularly from below). With its beauty and the positive effect it has on your environment, it is of course more than the sum of these parts; the Phi Space Pyramid looks precious and it is.

Testimonial: "I cannot believe the difference in my sleeping since I've had the pyramid in the house! Unreal. I usually only sleep about 6 hours and very light and restless, but it's now deep deep sleep! Wow!" Dr Maryellen Stephens, West Country Family Chiropractic, June 2014