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BioMat Amethyst Mini:

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Easy to Use:

An exclusive Free User Guide with every purchase which explains different therapies and the varied use of power settings. Also, provided is a free visualization CD to help guide you through those first few sessions of bliss.It is often asked "What does it feel like to lay on the Biomat". Unlike an infrared sauna you are reclining rather than squeezed into a cramped space. Since you are out in the open air one must wrap oneself in a natural fabric blanket or the like to work up the same sweat one would in the sauna.

Biomat users describe the feeling much like that of lying out in the sun at the beach without the discomfort of the sand and the harmful Ultraviolet Light. After just a few minutes the body feels the infrared light permeate the body creating a warm soothing feeling internally as the muscles expand and circulation improves.

The negative ions make the body feel open and clean much like the feeling at the beach when near the water. Soon, the mind quiets and enters what some describe as a meditative state and the stress of the day seems to just melt away. Just think, the healing, the reduction of stress and the well-being one achieves when going to the seashore can be attained in your home anytime at a whim.

Safe and Time Tested:

The technology of the Biomat was actually discovered by NASA. In the early days of the space program, Far Infrared Elements were placed in space suits to simulate life in sunshine in the frigid temperatures of space which was not adequately provided for by electric blanket technology. Nobel Prize winning research discovered the effect of negative ions on biological cells describing their detoxing effect.

Biomats with Jade have been in production in the Orient since the 80's. Amethyst replaced Jade because of its filtering and natural healing properties and was introduced to the United State in the early 90's. FDA approval was listed on 5/24/99. Tens of thousands of Biomat Users extol upon its healing properties.

  • The Bio Minimat is the perfect choice for those:
  • Who have smaller body frames?
  • Specific areas such as the lower back or chest that need healing.
  • Those who are seated all day and need healing while they sit.
  • For driving in the car.
  • For ease of transportability.
  • For those who want to sandwich their upper body with another mat while lying on a biomat professional.