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Formulated to Calm Occasional Gastrointestinal Distress.

Theramedix BioSET Gastro Calm is a vegetarian, digestive enzyme supplement providing a unique blend of enzymes to help optimize digestion, plus soothing herbs to help calm gastric distress. This product is one of TheramedixBioSET most popular products for many people suffering from symptoms of gastric distress.

Gastro Calm is designed to help support the mucous membrane lining of the gastrointestinal tract, creating a soothing effect.

  • For occasional digestive discomfort
  • Absolutely NO fillers
  • Vegetarian

Thera-Blend is Theramedix's exclusive process for formulated enzyme blends. These blends are formulated using multiple enzyme forms selected for their ability to break down numerous bonds in varying pH levels.

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings Per Container: 90

Amount Per Serving:

Proprietary Herbal Blend 286 mg

Licorice (root) extract

Marshmallow (root) extract


Ginger (rhizome)

Psyllium (seed husk)

Proprietary Enzyme Blend 107 mg

Amylase (7,000 DU, 50 BAU)

Peptidase (4,000 HUT)

Glucoamylase (7.1 AGU)

Lipase (1,000 FIP)

Cellulase (200 CU)

Alpha-Galactosidase (24 GaIU)

Hemicellulase (750 HCU)

Lactase (150 ALU) Beta-Glucanase (4 BGU)

Invertase (75 SU)

Phytase (0.68 FTU)

Pectinase (0.07 endo-PGU)

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Capsule (hypromellose and water).

Vegetarian. Absolutely no fillers added.

Recommended Usage:

Take 1 capsule before each meal or snack, and as needed between meals


If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication, or have a medical condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary supplement.

Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Information:

Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place. Do not expose to excessive heat.