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S.A.D and How Supplements & Outdoor Time Can Help

Beating S.A.D With Supplements and Outdoor Time

Do you feel like you get more depressed in the winter? If so, chances are you are not crazy! Great news, right? What’s better - there are simple ways to beat seasonal depression. First, let’s backtrack. Why are you getting sad during the winter in the first place?

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Chances are, you are suffering from something called seasonal affective disorder. In general, this happens because your body isn’t getting what it needs from the world around it. What it needs most is the sun.

During the winter, especially in northern climates (think the Nordic Countries), you might only be getting a few hours of true sun a week between the shorter days and cloudy weather. This puts your body at a disadvantage as it needs vitamin D to be happy and healthy.

What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Vitamin D?

More than you might think! As should be obvious, there’s a high chance that you will start to experience depression. Vitamin D has been linked to mood by many studies since the late 90s. In addition to that, there are many other health concerns a lack of sunlight could produce.

High blood pressure, heart conditions, weakened immune systems, and a lower bone density is all risks if you don’t get outside enough. To make that list just a bit worse, you could also start getting tired more often and put yourself at a higher risk of developing MS, Alzheimer’s, or Dementia.

How to Beat S.A.D and Get Vitamin D

The fastest way is to go outside when it’s sunny! To get the vitamin D that your body needs, you should work to spend ten to thirty minutes in the midday sun. At the end of this session, your body will have produced the vitamin D that it needs to thrive.

Keep in mind your body also needs to be protected. If you’re going to spend longer than ten minutes in the sun, try to wear sunscreen to keep your skin healthy.

Supplements for Depression

If you don’t get enough sun each day to get outside, then supplements for depression might be right for you. Here at Agape Nutrition, we offer vitamin D supplements for those who have a hard time getting what they need from the world around them. Check out our store today!

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