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College Student’s Lack of Sleep Linked to Mental Health Symptoms

College Student’s Lack of Sleep Linked to Mental Health Symptoms

On June 11th, Sleep 2019 took place. This annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies is a place for research and findings within the world of sleep. This year, research was presented that may link poor sleeping habits to mental health symptoms. Ramsey, the author of this study, said that how many hours of sleep someone gets can improve mental health.

When studying 110,000 students, any night that the students did not get restful sleep was counted as a night of insufficient sleep. Over time, the analysis found that long-term sleep loss could be related to depression, anxiety, and the desire to self-harm by 19% - 29%. Once restful sleep was achieved, students showed reduced stress. In addition, they showed improvement in the other related mental illnesses.

How to Get Quality Sleep

If you are a college student that is looking to improve your sleep-wake cycle, you are not alone. Aside from the most recent study, the effects of sleep deprivation are well known. Symptoms have been documented leading up to and including death. However, it doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom. Sleeping aids like those sold here at Agape Nutrition as well as good habits can help with falling asleep as well as sleeping disorders that may be present.

Lay Off Technology 

Before you consider taking supplements or adding chemicals to your body, try taking away technology before bed. Exposure to screens can trick our minds into staying awake. Instead, they should shut down in preparation for bed.

Get Ready For Bed Sooner

If you’re starting your bedtime routine at 11 pm, try bumping up that time by an hour and getting into bed thirty minutes earlier. Creating a bedtime routine can help your brain realize that it’s entering a new part of the sleep-wake cycle.

Melatonin Supplements

Melatonin is a sleep supplement that can be obtained over the counter in most pharmacies. This is a great option for those that are having a hard time getting quality sleep no matter what they do. However, before taking any new medications, you should always talk to a doctor about your issues. Sleep loss and mental illness can both be signs of something bigger, and all avenues should be explored before self-medication.

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