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Eat More Greens for Chronic Kidney Disease

Eat More Greens for Chronic Kidney Disease

Kidney issues and chronic kidney disease affect thousands of people each year. Besides taking over-the-counter medicine and trying to assume what to do, there is evidence that suggests that eating more greens can alleviate some of the issues.

According to a study posted in the National Library of Medicine, adding more greens to a daily diet may actually provide benefits that can help. 

Does eating kale help with chronic kidney disease? 

Older studies that once stated that restricting plant foods was important for those who are experiencing kidney issues are being discovered to be outdated and incorrect. 

Based on current studies that are happening now, it is recommended that plant-based foods be consumed to assist with kidney health. 

How can I rebuild my kidney function? 

Listening to your doctor and specialist is key for the proper advice and recovery, but there are a few things that can be done at home to help. 

If you’re currently a smoker, quit smoking. Add exercise to your regular daily activities, and be sure that you are eating healthy foods that are full of nutrients. 

Drink plenty of liquids, get good rest, and stay in touch with your physician for all your appointments, physicals, and check-ups.

How we can help 

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