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Is Caffeine Correlated With Type Two Diabetes?

Is Caffeine Correlated With Type Two Diabetes?

It might be tempting to overlook that cup of joe sitting in front of you and associate it with health risks, but it’s always important to be aware. Starting off the day with a hot cup of coffee is what millions of people do daily, but is it really something that is good for health? If you have Type 2 diabetes, there are a few important things to be aware of. 

Is caffeine correlated with type 2 diabetes? According to a recent post on WebMD, there is research out there that states that consuming caffeine does create a different reaction in those who have Type 2 diabetes.

Does caffeine affect those with Type 2 diabetes differently? 

The evidence points to a “yes” on this one. When someone has Type 2 diabetes, ingesting caffeine causes their insulin level and blood sugar to spike. 

A recent study provided evidence by having a study group take a 250 mg caffeine pill at breakfast and then another pill at lunch. Those who participated did have Type 2 diabetes. 

The outcome was that their blood sugar levels were 8% higher.

This simple study provides proof that adding caffeine to your daily diet if you’re diabetic can have negative outcomes on how you’re feeling throughout the day. 

Caffeine intake should be monitored so that each person can see how they react to it. 

Why does caffeine cause blood sugar levels to increase? 

The thought is that ingesting caffeine will cause your body to lower insulin sensitivity. What this means is that the cells in your body don’t absorb sugar from the blood as well after you eat or drink foods. 

Pair that with insulin levels that are already affected by Type 2 diabetes, and it creates unsafe levels that can affect health. 

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