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Walnuts for Heart Health

Walnuts for Heart Health

While it should come as no surprise that eating nuts is an important part of a healthy diet, there have been few discussions happening on how walnuts specifically affect the heart. Is there any correlation between eating walnuts to help to have a healthy heart? 

According to NMCD, there seems to be evidence supporting the fact that eating walnuts can have an overall positive effect on the heart. 

Why do walnuts help with heart health?

Even though there are still studies being conducted, signs are pointing to eating walnuts in moderation as a great way to help with heart health. Just like all types of nuts, moderation is the key. 

Walnuts are a healthy fat and are an excellent way to add nutrients and good fats to your daily diet. 

A handful of walnuts daily can be a great source of nutrition and just might be able to provide your heart with nutrients to perform its best. 

It’s always a good idea to pay close attention to the serving size of nuts so that you’re not overdoing it. A serving size tends to be smaller than most people realize, so finding that balance is key to providing your body with healthy nutrition. 

What are good ways to eat walnuts? 

A handful of walnuts can easily be grabbed and enjoyed as a quick snack or can be used as a delicious topping for salads, oatmeal, and more. You can also add walnuts to bread or desserts that you’re baking just to get an extra added health benefit. 

How we can help 

If you need some suggestions for heart health options, here is what we would suggest. 

One of our other top resources for heart health can be found here, which gives excellent information about caring for your heart, as well as suggestions for supplements. 

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