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Grow Your Hair Long and Strong With These Foods & Supplements

Grow Your Hair Long and Strong With These Foods & Supplements

Are your locks lacking their former luster? Are you finding it brittle and full of split ends, or simply having a hard time growing out a shorter cut? 

Fancy shampoos and salon treatments might not be the solution you’re looking for. In fact, there are specific foods and nutrients that support the growth and strength of your hair. Ensuring your diet contains ample amounts of these foods and possible adding in a supplement could do wonders for your hair and your health.


As you probably already know Biotin is a key nutrient for growing your nails and keeping your hair looking shiny and lustrous. You can get a healthy dose of biotin in foods like eggs, pork, and sunflower seeds. 

While it shouldn’t be too hard to get at least one of these into your diet on a regular basis, if you can’t manage to do so, try Agape’s DaVinci Laboratories Biotin supplement. 

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

These are an important component of the cell membrane of our scalp’s skin as well as the oil that keeps the scalp and hair hydrated. Get yours from fatty fish like salmon or mackerel, or from vegetarian sources like walnuts or flax seeds. 

You can also try Davinci Labs Omega 3 Softgels, and help keep your pet’s coat shiny and strong with Nordic Naturals Omega-3 for Pets


Zinc helps bind the proteins in hair to strengthen it and even prevent hair loss. It also supports your cells in making the oils that protect your hair and provide its beautiful shine. You can get plenty of Zinc from shellfish, or from beef, lamb and pork. It’s also found in peanuts and pine nuts. If none of those appeal to you though, try our Priority One Zinc Orotate to ensure you’re taking in enough zinc.

When it comes to keeping your hair strong and shiny, look beyond the shampoo aisle. By simply including these vital nutrients in your diet, either in food form or via supplement, you’ll be well on your way to hair that’s as healthy as the rest of you!