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How does Holistic Medicine Help Overall Health

How does Holistic Medicine Help Overall Health?

Here at Agape Nutrition, we aim to help our customers become healthier through holistic health practices. However, recent trends have turned holistic medicine into something of a fad topic. As such, we think it's time to talk about exactly what holistic health is. In addition, we'll talk about why this type of integrated medicine is the best way to look at your overall health.

What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic health is a form of healing that looks into the whole person before choosing to call the patient healthy. In general, a holistic physician will look into the diet, exercise, mind, body, and spirit of the patient for issues and problems. On the other hand, conventional medicine is only concerned with the body and on occasion, the mind behind the patient in question.

Holistic treatment options include all forms of health care. Some examples include conventional medicine, spiritual counseling, or traditional Chinese medicine. Holistic practitioners work to ensure that the whole body is aligned so that nothing is affecting their overall health.

Important Principles of Holistic Medicine

While all doctors know and think about the traditional causes of issues, a board-certified holistic physician will also take into account other issues and thoughts that could affect someone's optimal health. Holistic medicine believes:

  • Doctors should look at fixing the cause of the condition as well as alleviating the symptoms. This could be through conventional medication or natural healing.
  • Patients are capable of healing themselves through meditation and better life habits.
  • A patient is a person that is at less than optimal health, not a disease to be rid of. 
  • Healing a patient takes looking into the diet, exercise, mental, emotional, and spirit of a person using a variety of practices.

What's the Big Deal?

As you know, conventional medicine talks about doctors, prescriptions, and healthy eating as a solution to weight gain. On the other hand, a holistic doctor would look at spiritual counseling, massage therapy, supplements, and mental issues. Furthermore, they'll look at traditional medicine, knowing that a person often has multiple factors affecting their well-being.

While many doctors fall on a spectrum of conventional to holistic, it's important to find a doctor that knows you as a person rather you as a problem to solve. If your doctor always looks for medication first, perhaps it time to join Agape Nutrition in a more holistic path the optimal health.

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