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Vitamin D

How does Vitamin D affect COVID-19?

How does Vitamin D affect COVID-19?

Keeping track of your Vitamin D levels is a great way to gauge your body’s fighting capacity for coming in contact with COVID-19. According to Dr. Smith of Agape, one study focused on Vitamin D and Coronavirus showed a 51% lower death rate and 54% less likely to be infected with the coronavirus with levels [of Vitamin D] over 30 ng/dl.” Before you ask any questions, let’s talk more about this important addition to the bloodstream.

Did you know that Vitamin D isn’t even a vitamin? It’s a neurohormone! A neurohormone is a chemical messenger molecule that is released from neurons and enters the bloodstream to travel to set destinations within the body. In contrast, a vitamin is an organic molecule that is an essential micronutrient for your body’s metabolism.

Vitamin D is called a “vitamin” because it is commonly absorbed through sunlight and food consumption, even though it is not a definitive vitamin.

How much Vitamin D should you take?

Dosage is extremely important when it comes to vitamins and supplements. You must take a sufficient amount of Vitamin D to ensure its levels in your blood are healthy. For example, we recommend 15 micrograms daily. However, Dr. Smith recommends a daily dosage that increases the amount of Vitamin D in your blood to 4,000 nanograms/milliliters (ng/mL).

Gender Daily Vitamin D 
Women (14-70 years) 4,000-5,000 IU
Men (14-70 years) 7,000-10,000 IU

Of course, you should always check in with your primary physician to double-check that you are getting the correct intake of Vitamin D.

Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D

While Vitamin D has its benefits, you should also be aware that too much can cause kidney stones and bone spurs. That is why we recommend taking Vitamin K2, a calcium supplement, to help maintain healthy levels. Luckily, most Vitamin D supplements already include Vitamin K2.

Interested in starting to take this power combo of a supplement? Agape has just what you need. Try our daily vitamin gummies.

Benefits of Vitamin D

If you’re wondering why Vitamin D is so good at standing up to COVID-19, it’s because it boosts your immune system by converting sunlight and other sources into nutrients. It also dramatically lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. All in all, this little neurohormone maintains your body’s functions and sets you up for success when taken with the right doses.