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How to Eat Healthy During Holiday Party Season

How to Eat Healthy During Holiday Party Season

Welcome to the Holidays! It’s many people’s favorite time of the year. Gone are the healthy foods and out come the pies, cakes, eggnog, and more! That brings one major issue to the table, though. How do you stay healthy while celebrating your favorite holiday?

Step One: Moderation

The best and most important thing that you can start doing to improve your holiday heath is embrace moderation. Though it might seem like a great idea to eat everything in sight, your stomach and body won’t appreciate it.

Instead, take small portions of a few of the best things. If you can, take a plate home with a few more options. That way, you can try a little of everything over a few days rather than all at once. After all, you’ll get more for your money that way!

Step Two: Healthy Snacking

A part of overall health isn’t just what you eat at meal-time but what you eat for snacks. If you are looking to lose weight, you might be doing great at portion control during mealtime. The food you eat outside of meal-time can have as big of an impact as the food you eat during meal-time.

That’s why it’s important to eat fruits and vegetables as healthy snacks rather than puppy chow or cookies all day. Fruits can be dipped in dark chocolate for a bit of flavor while staying healthy. Think about dips for vegetables to make those more appealing as well.

Step Three: Physical Activity

An often overlooked area is your approach to health after food. During the holiday season, the weather often makes people ignore physical activity regardless of what they know about the health benefits.

That’s why we’re here to tell you to get moving. You know it’s right for you; yet, you don’t like the temperate or weather. We understand. However, YouTube videos and gym memberships can help you get moving and improve the long term health of your body today.

Step Four: Holistic Health

Holiday health is more than healthy eating or exercise. You need to think about your mind-body health as well. Holistic medicine is a great way to make sure that you are staying in excellent condition from brain to toe.

Talk to your holistic medicine doctor about your mood, mindset, physical activity, diet, habits, and worries. From there, you can make sure that you’re not only safe from heart disease and blood sugar problems but that your mind is safe from mental illness as well.

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