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New Modes of Treating Breast Cancer

New Modes of Treating Breast Cancer

Are there new possible modes for treating breast cancer? According to a study at the Cleveland Clinic, there may be new options coming soon. 

The next step of this study has launched and is underway. This study pertains specifically to the prevention of triple-negative breast cancer, which happens to be the deadliest form of breast cancer there. 

The funding for this study comes from the U.S. Department of Defense, and the new phase will be composed of cancer-free participants who are currently at high risk for getting or developing breast cancer and have decided to undergo a prophylactic mastectomy voluntarily to lessen their risk. 

These types of voluntary participants typically carry a mutation in their genetics that puts them at a high risk of developing this type of breast cancer. 

The purpose of this study will be to monitor the safety and immune response of these individuals. 

There will be 6-12 patients participating, and the study will be complete by the end of the year(2023). All participants will receive a series of three vaccines that are spread out with two weeks in between. They will be monitored closely for any type of immune issues or response and side effects. 

What is triple-negative breast cancer? 

This type of cancer is one that is aggressive and doesn’t tend to respond to other types of therapies. While it does make up 12-15% of breast cancer cases, it accounts for a higher percentage of deaths. 

This type of cancer is two times more likely to occur in African American women, with about 70-80% of the tumors that occur in women with mutations being that of triple-negative breast cancer. 

The hope is that this vaccine will be a way to help control breast cancer while also being applied to other aggressive forms of cancer or diseases as well. 

The results of the study will be a good basis to see if there are in fact other methods and modes for treating breast cancer. A breakthrough of this kind would be a huge step in helping to hopefully discover more answers for the future. 

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