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Turmeric Associated with Liver Injury

Turmeric Associated with Liver Injury

Does the use of turmeric cause potential liver issues? This is the question that is on everyone’s mind. According to a study posted in The American Journal of Medicine, results are pointing to a connection between the two.

But what does that mean for those who use turmeric in their everyday lives? And is there a way to combat the effects of this in the future? 

People from all around the world use spice in their recipes and meal planning, without understanding that there is a potential risk. The following study below shows insight into the test subjects and outcomes that were discovered. 

What is turmeric used for?

This common spice and herb is used daily by millions of people. It’s a staple ingredient that is used in many types of Indian foods and curries and is quite popular in Indian culture. 

Not only do people consume it as a flavor enhancer for many dishes, but the Chinese also believe that it has the ability to aid in the treatment of wounds, skin issues, and other health problems. 

Does the use of turmeric cause liver issues? 

In a study conducted between 2004-2022, turmeric was studied to see its effects on the liver. At the end of the trial, 10 cases of liver injury associated with turmeric were discovered. Eight of those cases were found in women, where nine were Caucasian, ranging in age from 35-71. 

There was a tumor found in nine patients, with one showing mixed. Out of the liver biopsies done in four of the patients, hepatitis (acute) or mixed cholestatic-hepatic injury with eosinophils was discovered. 

Once the analysis was performed, turmeric was found to be in all the products tested, where three of the products also contained black pepper. 

What does this mean? 

The results of this study point to the conclusion that turmeric does appear to cause liver injury in the US, potentially with high usage and when combined with the use of black pepper. The injury that is caused is typically tumor-like.

How we can help

Take the time to educate yourself on the health benefits and potential issues caused by turmeric. This post all about turmeric can be a great reference or guide worth reading. 

There are also supplements that can be taken to ensure that you’re receiving the proper balance of turmeric in your daily diet, without having too much, or pairing it with black pepper. 

Knowledge about options is the best way to prevent potential issues and health worries. 

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