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honey as a popular supplement

Why Honey is Such a Popular Supplement

You may have heard that eating a spoonful of honey is good for a sore throat. But did you know that the golden syrup benefits so many more ailments? Many holistic practices today stem from ancient methods that utilized the natural world. Honey has always been a popular supplement, and ancient healers were quick to recognize its versatility.

Some Sweet History

Holistic medicine has been around since ancient times. Sometimes it is difficult to tell what methods are truly effective for treatments. In Ancient Greece and Rome, honey was used to seal wounds and provide a barrier from infection. Further back in time, Ayurvedic medicine recognized the benefits of honey as a supplement and used it to treat everything from insomnia to ocular ailments to cardiovascular pain.

Bees have been producing honeycombs for millennia. When humans finally discovered the sweet surprise hiding inside a buzzing hive, medicine changed for the better. Because its production journey requires very little machine processing, if any at all, honey maintains its nutrient quality even when sitting in the grocery store.

Natural honey has a unique quality of distinction. Because bees are pollen gathers, the honey they produce is a result of many different flowers. One jar of natural honey is completely different from another. If you’re interested in honey for medicinal purposes, it is important to do your research so you know what type of honey you are getting. 

What’s inside honey?

According to the NCBI, honey is made up of 200 substances and more. Just a few of these substances include fructose, glucose, flavonoids, phenolic acids, enzymes, and more. Honey is a natural immune system builder. It is brimming with antioxidants. Also, its glycemic index is considered healthy because the natural sugar in it can be absorbed slowly into the bloodstream.

Antimicrobials are active in honey and contribute to its many healing properties. Manuka honey, which is made from bees in Australia and New Zealand who pollinate the Manuka bush, has proven to help reduce inflammation, fight bacterial infections, and ease pain.

Because of Manuka’s acidity, it can promote the healing process of wounds and infections. Also, honey naturally draws fluids from wounds which speeds along the cleaning process so any infections have a lower rate of staying. Manuka honey fights bacterial infections by attacking the biofilm, a thin armor formed by certain infections, which allows the body to proceed with healing.

Treat yourself to Agape’s Manuka honey and feel the sweet benefits! See a medical professional before treating yourself with honey as it is a natural supplement.

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