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meditation and holistic medicine

Five Ways Meditation Helps Your Body

Meditation has become a buzzword and a household name, gaining popularity through numerous apps and classes. These promise to guide you through breathing and mental exercises aimed at calming the mind. But meditation goes beyond mental cognition to benefit the total body, which makes this trendy practice popular in holistic medicine.

There are many different benefits of practicing meditation. Whether you choose sleep meditation or guided meditation through an app or a class, here are five ways meditation helps your body.

1.  It balances the systems in your body

Meditation mainly focuses on breathing techniques matched with mental clarity. When this is achieved, a lot happens within your body. Your heart rate establishes a healthy rhythm, your metabolism and blood pressure slow down, and your brain waves improve. Because these are all vital functions within your body, your systems begin to find a balance.

2.  It can help heal illnesses related to stress

Are you stressed or suffer from anxiety? Considering how much stress people endure on a daily basis, your answer is probably yes. And stress isn’t healthy, as it contributes to many issues including heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, diabetes, and more. This is why many are turning to holistic medicine to help ease their daily stresses. Because meditation includes repetition, it creates a relaxed response deep in your body—including your muscles—which reduces stress and anxiety.

3. It boosts your immune system

Studies have repeatedly shown that meditation can increase your body’s immune function. Because it helps you to relax, reduce stress, and balance your body’s systems, meditation is a unique method of holistic medicine that can boost your immunity. For example, people who practice regular meditation tend to have higher levels of antibodies against the flu virus in their blood.

4. It supports women’s health

Meditation assists in nearly every aspect of women’s health. Women who meditate have reported a decrease in PMS symptoms, an increase in fertility, and a boost in breast milk production. Because of these results, many women are seeking out meditation as an option in holistic medicine.

5. It changes the way you think

When examined, those who practice meditation tend to have greater brain activity in the areas of learning and emotion. This includes memory, attention, and perception. In particular, meditation causes higher levels of happiness, empathy, and compassion. This boost in mood and cognitive thinking can make a huge difference in how your entire body functions on a daily basis.

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