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Is Holistic Medicine Real Medicine

Is Holistic Medicine Real Medicine?

Confusion and speculation are abound in the holistic medicine world. One of the most common questions is, “is holistic medicine real?” This question seems to make sense. Doctors, news stations, and holistic practitioners all give a different answer which can further confuse a potential patient.

What can make each issue worse is that they are all right in their own way. Holistic medicine is just like real medicine; doctors can be good and bad, fake, and real. So then, how does one tell the difference? Is holistic medicine real overall? Let’s dive in.

Is Holistic Medicine Real?

Holistic medicine is described by WebMD as “a form of healing that considers the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and emotions -- in the quest for optimal health and wellness.” In short, you can’t be healthy unless all parts of you are healthy. In reverse, when you are sick, it is important to look at all factors before determining why you are sick.

This is what differentiates holistic medicine from conventional medicine. While some traditional doctors will ask about your emotions and mental state, most will look at your body's physical symptoms first and foremost. This can lead to overmedication and a miss-understanding of what’s happening in the body.

Holistic Medicine vs. Eastern Medicine

Within holistic medicine, there are further branches that change from whether or not the medicine is real. Many looking into holistic medicine will think about looking at the whole body with a traditional doctor. On the other hand, someone looking for traditional Chinese medicine might avoid conventional medication completely. While done by many for thousands of years, this is the type of medicine that is considered “fake” or “misleading” at best by most leading organizations.

What does a Real Holistic Physician Look Like?

When someone wants to become a holistic doctor, they should still look to be a medical doctor. That will be your first give away. If they aren’t a practicing doctor, they might not follow the medical ethics and patient care regulations that licensed doctors must follow. If this is the case, it is advised to look for someone else who has your overall health in mind.

Next, medicine practitioners looking to venture into holistic health care should ask in equal parts about your mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual well-being. If a doctor only asks about your physical wellbeing during a checkup, they could be missing important information and might not have holistic medicine techniques in mind.

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