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Nutritional Supplements!

Welcome to the protocols section. Our protocols are simply instructions on how to use nutritional supplements for a particular problem. There may be many ways to treat a particular problem, So these protocols should be viewed just as one possible solution. The protocols may need to be modified to meet your child's needs. You may not need to use all of the supplements in a given protocol to get a good result. There is no guarantee that any of these protocols will work for your child. In practice, we frequently will modify our treatment plans based on how a child reacts to the supplements and you should do the same.

As we add more protocols you may find some duplication. That is because there are usually multiple nutritional supplements that may be helpful for a particular problem. If one version of the protocol is not working as well as you like or your child is having difficulty with one of the supplements in the protocol, Using an alternative supplement or an alternative protocol may work better.

A general rule in adding supplements to any autistic child's routine is to make small changes usually adding only one supplement at a time. This allows you to see if the child is responding well to the nutritional supplement or if a particular supplement, Just doesn't sit well with your child.

It is not unusual for some supplements to cause an initial adverse reaction in a child, Especially those supplements that improve detoxification. This does not necessarily mean that your child is allergic or is not responding to a supplement. If detoxification occurs too quickly you may see an adverse reaction, Which can be controlled in many cases simply by reducing the dose.

Protocols generally can be used together. For example, you may be using certain nutritional supplements for a bowel cleanse in one protocol and another protocol to help your child sleep. Again the general rule is to go slow making small changes.

We hope these protocols are helpful. Our goal is to provide you with information that is both helpful and easy to understand. Your feedback is helpful in improving the quality of the information we provide.