InterPlexus | Potassium+Mag | 90 Capsules


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Potassium+Mag | 90 Capsules:
Dietary Supplement!

  • Highly Bioavailable Potassium Complex* (Magnesium Potassium Citrate & Trimagnesium Dicitrate).
  • Supports healthy musculoskeletal structure and function, cardiovascular function, and nervous system function*

The potassium and magnesium compounds in this formulation are fully-reacted, organic bound salts known to have excellent bioavailability.

Why "Non-GMO" is important:
InterPlexus are dedicated to providing the highest quality supplements available. Quality starts with the raw materials used to make our products. We have ensured that no genetically modified ingredients were used in the manufacturing of this product.

Why "No Excipients" is important:
Excipients or "other ingredients" in supplements are used as a part of the manufacturing process and are not considered nutritionally relevant. Some examples of excipients include bulking agents, coatings, colors, and flavors. This product is intentionally formulated without excipients because InterPlexus is committed to producing supplements which are the safest and most beneficial for our consumers.

Supplementation with Potassium+Mag:

  • Supports healthy blood pressure
  • Supports overall cardiovascular system health
  • Supports healthy muscle function
  • Supports bone density
  • Supports electrolyte balance

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings per Container: 90

Amount Per Serving:

Ingredient Amount % Daily Value
Magnesium (as magnesium potassium citrate, trimagnesium dicitrate anhydrous) 15.75 mg 4%
Potassium (as magnesium potassium citrate) 78 mg 2%

Other ingredients:
Magnesium carbonate, vegetarian capsule (hypromellose, purified water).

Dairy, Soy, Egg & Gluten Free. Vegetarian.

Suggested Use:
Take 1 capsule a day with a meal or as directed by your physician.


  • If pregnant or nursing, consult your physician before using this or any other product.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.