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Mosaic Diagnostics Laboratory Formerly The Great Plains Laboratory


How it works:

  • Test kits & lab fees are pre-paid through Agape Nutrition, with no option to bill medical insurance at any time.
  • We will register your kit with Mosaic Diagnostics Laboratory electronically.
  • Stephen Smith M.D. is the referring physician and has authorized the lab to process your kit specimen.
  • The kit is mailed to you direct from Mosaic Diagnostics Laboratory.
  • Perform test kit, mail with paperwork, using prepaid envelope.
  • Test kits are processed through Mosaic Diagnostic Laboratory.
  • Results within 3-4 weeks after lab processing.
  • The doctor is notified of results through our portal and
  • You can access results through our patient portal by following the instructions in the video below. We can also email test results to you upon your request.
  • Book an appointment with Dr. Stephen Smith or your own licensed healthcare physician. (Not included in the price of the kit)

MosaicDX How a Patient Accesses Their Test Results from Mosaic Diagnostics on Vimeo.


Mosaic Diagnostics Metal Hair Test:


Heavy metals toxicity caused by increasing levels of pollution and use of chemicals in industry is a growing threat to our health and development of our children. High levels of toxic metals deposited in body tissues and subsequently in the brain, may cause significant developmental and neurological damage.

A Metals Hair Test is ideal for checking current exposure to toxic metals. Hair provides important information that can assist the practitioner with an early diagnosis of physiological disorders associated with aberrations in essential and toxic element metabolism.

Extensive research established that scalp hair element levels are related to human systemic levels. The strength of this relationship varies for specific elements, and many researchers consider hair as the tissue of choice for toxic and several nutrient elements. Unlike blood, hair element levels are not regulated by homeostatic mechanisms. Thus, deviations in hair element levels often appear prior to overt symptoms and can thereby be a valuable preliminary tool for predicting the development of physiological abnormalities.

Hair element analysis provides important information which, in conjunction with symptoms and other laboratory values, can assist the physician with an early diagnosis of physiological disorders associated with aberrations in essential and toxic element metabolism.

As protein is synthesized in the hair follicle, elements are incorporated permanently into the hair with no further exchange with other tissues. Scalp hair is easy to sample, and because it grows an average of one to two cm per month, it contains a “temporal record” of element metabolism and exposure to toxic elements.

Nutrient elements including magnesium, chromium, zinc, copper, and selenium are obligatory co-factors for hundreds of important enzymes and also are essential for the normal functions of vitamins. The levels of these elements in hair are correlated with levels in organs and other tissues.

Toxic elements may be 200-300 times more highly concentrated in hair than in blood or urine. Therefore, hair is the tissue of choice for detection of recent exposure to elements such as arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, lead, antimony, and mercury. The CDC acknowledges the value of hair mercury levels as a maternal and infant marker for exposure to neurotoxic methylmercury from fish.

Through recent vast improvements in technology, instrumentation, and application of scientific protocols, hair element analysis has become a valuable tool in providing dependable and useful data for physicians and their patients. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency stated in a recent report that “...if hair samples are properly collected and cleaned, and analyzed by the best analytic methods, using standards and blanks as required, in a clean and reliable laboratory by experienced personnel, the data are reliable.” (U.S.E.P.A. 600/4-79-049)

Hair element analysis is a valuable and inexpensive screen for physiological excess, deficiency or maldistribution of elements. It should not be considered a stand-alone diagnostic test for essential element function and should be used in conjunction with patient symptoms and other laboratory tests.

Determine if metal toxicity or mineral deficiency is contributing to the disorder
Monitor the effects of chelation (elimination of heavy metals from the body)
Identify if supplementation of important minerals may bring about significant improvements.


Hair (source head or pubic): 0.25 grams (approximately 1 tablespoon) of hair is the absolute minimum. 1 gram is preferred.


Sample Test Report:  Metal Hair Test Sample Report



NOTE: Due to Mosaic Diagnostics Laboratory does not have a contract with the State of New York.

 New York residents are not allowed to perform or mail this test kit for processing within or from the state of New York. Furthermore, Mosaic Diagnostics Laboratory will not mail this kit to the state of New York, nor process this test kit mailed from the State of New York.

*If you are interested in performing this test kit, you will need to:

  1. Perform / Collect the specimen outside of the state of New York.
  2. Mail for processing from an address outside of the state of New York.
  3. Receive your results to the same address outside of the state of New York.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.