PHI energyDots | Baby Mat Comforter

PHI energyDots

$ 74.95 

Baby Mat Comforter:

babyCOMFORTER - Value Package.

The pad color is neutral with the Flower of Life symbol.

The babyCOMFORTER has a babyDOT embedded in a 100% organic cotton pad. It is designed to be kept near children to strengthen their biofield and make them healthier to better withstand all the electromagnetic radiation they are being exposed to in today electronic saturated environment. For children up to 4 years old.

It measures 11 inches X 11 inches and is washable.

The babyCOMFORTER comes with a set of smartDOTs for the baby monitor (place gold DOT on sending unit and silver DOT on receiver).

These organic handmade comforters come in soft cream with the beautiful sacred geometry symbol of the Seed of Life stitched on the front. You have a choice of pale blue, pale pink or pale green embroidery. The reverse of the mat is made from the softest organic brushed cotton or you could choose the colorful soft green print (not organic) with butterflies, dragonflies and bees.

The hidden beauty of this comforter is the babyDOT stitched between layers at the centre of the mat. It is programmed with powerful resonant Phi Technology. The natural, coherent frequencies used in this programming harmonize or retune the energy field - rebalancing and restoring the energy to a more harmonious state. In the teeming world of Wi-Fi, mobiles and endless gadgets this energetic support can soothe and will nurture harmony.
Babies and children are considered to be more vulnerable to the effects of exposure to electro-magnetic radiation from our much loved devices. The baby mat will support your baby's energy field and to further help with the energy interference from devices we have included a free smartDOT with every baby mat. You can choose to place the smartDOT on any device; your mobile phone, tablet, baby monitor, or Wi-Fi router.